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Yeah, so Twitter has been one thing that I’ve never personally understood. Being an avid Facebook user, perhaps I just find myself to be biased, but on Twitter it seems as if there just a lot of people talking to themselves. Lately, due to business reasons, I’ve reinstated the life of my personal Twitter account , but I still haven’t gotten used it. At random, I get follower requests from people that I’ve never seen nor heard of in my entire life, but hey, maybe that’s the point! When I originally logged in, I think it did something where it synced with all of my phone’s contacts and automatically requested any matches that it found on Twitter, but some of these people pop up and I don’t even understand how.

Today, whilst diligently killing time, I clicked on the Twitter app and found this:




WTF is this? Here, we have two respectable ladies who apparently know everything that there is to know about two of the hottest topics trending between today’s heterosexual women: men and marriage.


What can we deduce from their theories?

[1] That men and women are apparently treated differently by society if they choose to not join someone else in holy matrimony.

Fair enough.

We’ll save the topic of gender inequality for another day. 

[2] One of them said that she has, ahem, fornicated with “enough” married men to know that marriage isn’t “superlative.” Also, this seems to imply that women don’t cheat too?

Wait, so just because you’ve slept with “enough” married men, this somehow means that you know them all? Either you’ve slept with over 3.5 billion males (a good majority of which would be underage and unmarried), or you’re making a HUGE (and quite ridiculous) assumption. Maybe it shouldn’t be taken literally, after all, it could be a joke.

Even if it isn’t a joke, don’t we have more than enough evidence to know that to some people, marriage actually is superlative, if done correctly? Sure we’re seeing a record number of marital failures these days, but there’s also plenty of hope.

I mean, look at “Kimye” as a fine example:

Isn’t this one of the ultimate societal archetypes that we’ve been presented with?

They seem to be doing just fine! Didn’t you guys see that crazy music video?  They’ve been married for nearly six months (longer than I have), and there are no signs of impending doom. I’ll give Kim props, as this surely trumps her previous marital stint’s 72 days of wedlock.

Oh, well. Though I briefly lose faith in humanity after seeing things like this Twitter post (I still have no clue who originated the quotes, because I’m Twitter dumb), I think we need to look on the bright side. There is nothing wrong with marriage, especially if you do it right. I mean, I’ve only been married since July 25th, so what do I know? Oh, just that when I said those vows to my wife, I actually meant them.