Bryan Williams



DOB: 07.12.1988

Age: 26yrs

Classification: Human Being

Title(s): CEO of Machscribe; Author; Mechanical Engineer




The Underground Kings (2014)



The Rookie Hero (2016)



Institution(s): Miami University

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA 2011-Present

Associate of Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology (ASMET) May 2013

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSMET) May 2016??



Automobiles. Fiction. Writing. Science. Film. Aerospace, or anything associated with complex machines doing badass things. Music. Florida.



Cold. Logical fallacies. Impromptu public speaking. Onions. Pickles. Peanut butter. Walmart.



I have been a fiction composer since the age of ten. I have handwritten stories that I would jot down in notebooks and in folders, while in class, or at home. I have fully finished manuscripts that have been collecting dust for years, but that’s okay. They were sacrificed in the name of progress.

Now, with this book that you can buy and read, this has been a journey that has lasted for a half decade. I had written this book as an experiment in 2009, just to see if I could do it. TUK was the second experiment of its kind to succeed, but still, it was shelved. I didn’t feel that it was good enough, so instead, I continued writing whatever came to mind, whenever I had the faith in myself to do so. I continued to hone my skills, to expand my vocabulary, and to experiment with new methods of conveying my stories to whoever would give them a chance. Eventually, I came back to it and wiped away the dust. I recomposed and enhanced the entire thing, from start to finish, only leaving the original plot’s chassis intact.

Now, it is finished.

This is uncharted and unfamiliar territory. Regardless of what happens with this, I will continue to write. Regardless of what the outcome is, or what the sales figures are, or what the reviews say, this is a personal victory for me. To be able to share this story with you means the world to me, and I will continue with my efforts as long as I breathe. I will feed into the inborn desire to be imaginative and to dream like a child, where I can create worlds, environments, people, their experiences, and mix them with the things that have inspired me to become who and what I am.

It’s not much, but with every word I type, I get better. With every scene I piece together in my head, and every life experience that I endure, I figure out a new way to improve and apply these improvements to everything that I do. The therapeutic click of every key stroke makes my mind grows stronger. If you could only see how far I’ve come, I hold onto the faith that I still have so far to go. Thank you, everyone, for starting on this journey with me.

When, or if, you read this, please know that this is who I am.

I poured my soul into this. — Bryan Williams