A Special Note

Well, this is kind of surreal. I never thought that I’d be trying to make my dreams come true, but here I am. This team is small, but it will grow.

There is one photographer and graphic designer: Dade Razete.

There is one author and journalist: Bryan Williams (me).

But our hope still lives, because we know that this whole thing has to start somewhere. All we want is to express ourselves in the best way possible, and we will use whatever medium available to us in order to do so. We want to entertain and amaze. We want to see our fans and customers changed for the better by our passion, but most of all, we want to make a difference.

Dade’s talents are phenomenal. Not to gloat, but seeing his progression from an amateur to his current capabilities is nothing but mind blowing. He is fully responsible for the cover of my first published book, The Underground Kings, but you should also check out his personal page here:

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

As for me, I’m just your average guy that wants to write books. I just have dozens of stories to tell (I’m putting together a library for you), but I want full control of how I tell them. Some days, I start thinking and I cannot stop. I generate a character and then an environment. Over the years, it’s grown to be a nurtured habit that I find to be more therapeutic than harmful.

Though I’m an engineer by day, all I want to do is write.

To write, is to purposely step into a void. A void where you weild a totality of power over all elements within its realm. It’s an escape that gives you capabilities that you normally wouldn’t have. You can read the minds of anyone. You can see their motivations, their regrets, their aspirations, the skeletons in their closets. You can make anything happen. You can guide the life of entities, or destroy them at will. You can make an entire world, yet running a comet into it for fun doesn’t seem too evil. Your mind builds the imagery, but your heart runs the show.

There are no consequences, but just a vast number of awards.

Therapy, I tell you. It’s therapy.

So if there is one thing that I can openly promise to anyone who is curious, it’s that I will give this my all. I will pour every ounce of free energy I have into this. There will be ups and downs, ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys, but in the end, it’s the personal aspect of this that makes me churn.

I’ll pour my soul into this. Hopefully, you’ll be there with me to see it.


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