Talent Building & Expansion

Well, now that things have gotten started, we’re going to begin actively looking for bloggers and journalists to get things going. On Tuesday, we proudly added another fiction author to the team, and his information will be announced soon. Any other promising authors who are striving to get their names and work out to the eyes of the world are more than free to inquire.

As for the live blogs and newsfeeds:

In the future, each day, you should find a selection of posts that pertain to various categories, written by bloggers who are affiliated with Machscribe and have an amount of passion equivalent to the people who started this. We expect that there will be a myriad of topics (automotive, sports, politics, feminism, technology, education, etc.) to choose from.

Unfortunately, we still have quite a long way to go with the website itself, as we are fine tuning the posting functions and working on developing live news feeds inside of the page (and each subpage, as we are still having problems with subpages). Also, because this is an entity founded on honesty, we are looking into fundraising options too. Machscribe is 100% personally funded, with the money to operate and develop the site coming from our pockets.

Perhaps a Kickstarter campaign in the near future will do as we press forward to expand our business model will help. A corporate email service will be started up within the next week (hopefully this weekend), and as soon as that happens, our contact information will be posted and any help or inquires from you will be appreciated beyond comprehension!

Thank you!


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