Stay Tuned (lol, for real)

To all,

After taking a little time to regroup and reassess my ideas, I’ve reached the conclusion that this whole thing should stay simple. Before, I had a vision of expanding Machscribe into a massive media company, but the approach to getting there is by starting at the core:

Machscribe is, and always will be a medium for expression, both personal and public. With that noted, I will continue using it as a means of portfolio construction while simultaneously building a relationship with friends, fans, and partners.

Viewers will see lots of changes here with modified layouts and more content in the near future. I’ll be posting up snippets and prototypes of stories and novels in development as well as other artwork, CAD, or blog material pertaining to current events. I have a selection of hobbies, but you’ll definitely see automobiles and music take the lead.

I’m a pretty opinionated guy, but the point of this is to establish a connection with the world. If you have an opinion, or ANYTHING that you need to get off of your chest, feel free to post and let me (and others) know. Don’t be shy!



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